Finally, an Easy Solution

for OSHA Training!
You are required, by federal law, to provide initial training and to retrain all of your

current employees on OSHA annually.
What is OSHA?
  • OSHA stands for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • It is part of the U.S. Department of Labor and is concerned only with employee safety and health..
How does OSHA Compliance affect you?
  • OSHA requires a complete OSHA Compliance Program for each office, including your satellite offices. These plans must include everything required for your main office.
  • OSHA states that all employees are entitled to safe workplaces and assigns employers the responsibility for providing appropriate safety and health measures.
HCSI Provides:
  • An easy and effective way to implement an OSHA compliance plan that addresses all the statutes and annually trains your employees.
Help for your employees
  • We provide initial and annual training in OSHA compliance to keep your staff continuously current on the latest rules and regulations.
Help for your patients
  • Trains your staff to conform to the law when interacting with patients. If a unique question about a particular issue arises, the OSHA Reference Guide will provide the answer.
Help for you
  • We eliminate the headache and time that it takes to come up with quality initial training and ongoing training. We eliminate the worry of remembering when audits, ongoing training, or other specifications need to be done by sending regular updates to remind you.
Why you should purchase your OSHA compliance plan from HCSI.
Problem Solution
  1. The survival and viability of your practice depends upon your effectiveness in complying with federal guidelines.
  2. It is extremely difficult for you to completely train your staff.
  3. It is almost impossible for you to provide adequate "ongoing training."
  4. As legislation proliferates, the potential for fines, penalties, litigation, and even loss of license continues to grow.
  1. Since 1984 more health care professionals have used HCSI compliance services than any other compliance product of its kind.
  2. HCSI provides initial etraining for all employees and certifies the training.
  3. HCSI provides ongoing etraining for all employees and certifies the training.
  4. We guarantee our product by backing it up with a 30-day money back guarantee.
In addition:
  • HCSI provides a complete reference guide containing all forms and reference material.
  • HCSI has experienced client service representatives just a phone call away to help.